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Captain Jon Explores the Ocean (click above to play preview)

Captain Jon Explores the Ocean is the perfect starting point for the young adventurer in your family who wants to learn about the ocean. Captain Jon takes a look at the world's oceans and finds out about tides, dolphins, fish and shipwrecks. You'll also find the bonus feature Relax with World Animals, a music video featuring a variety of creatures great and small.

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We had a lot of fun making Captain Jon Explores the Ocean. It’s fast-paced, and gives you a look at life in the sea from all angles. You’ll learn about the oceans, how many there are, and how they’re all connected. You’ll also discover why it’s so important we protect them.

My favorite part was spending time at the Dolphin Research Center (pictured above) and diving shipwrecks in the Florida Keys.

You’ll meet some of the people working each day to protect our environment. My hope is that children will learn something about the sea around us, and help preserve it for future generations.


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