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People are taking note of Captain Jon.

We’ve been covered by everyone from to KIDS FIRST.

Alan Boyle of MSNBC helped kick off coverage with a note in his Cosmic Log, “So your kids have been wowed by the Finding Nemo DVD, and you’re looking for more tales to whet their appetite? Here are a couple of suggestions that provide a healthy dose of science as well as splash.”

The Palm Beach Post featured a story on Captain Jon when the series became the first children’s programming on Martin County Television in West Palm Beach, Florida. “’It’s kind of like Mr. Wizard does the ocean,’ said Jackie Williams, informational specialist for MCTV. One Captain Jon video shows Schellenger diving off Little Cayman Island in a straw hat while orchestral music plays in the background.”

As also noted, Captain Jon’s Shark Safari was nominated as Best Children’s Documentary for ages 5 to 8 at the KIDS FIRST International Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. Shark Safari was also an official selection of the KIDS FIRST Film and Video Festivcaptain jon, captain johnal.

Captain Jon recently took part in a project to encourage children to read and answered questions related to the ocean. National Geographic also highlighted a picture George took of a great white shark. You can read more about that here:

Special thanks to Schellenger, Inc. (the real big fish), Big Kids Productions and Library Video for supporting our series from the very beginning!

We'll see you somewhere under the sea or in space!

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