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Captain Jon's Island Adventure (click above for preview)

Captain Jon travels to the remote island of Lit tle Cayman. It's a location packed with amazing anmials including hermit crabs and iguanas and fascinating fish.

Captain Jon even takes a deep dive in the St atus Submarine to travel 1000 feet below the oceans surface. Special features include: On Location with Captain Jon and Top Ten Things You Can Do To Protect The Ocean.

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captain jon, captain johncaptain jon, captain john, sharks, ocean conservation

We had visited Little Cayman two other times, and had always wanted to go back and tell the story of this incredible place. Sea turtles dot the beautiful blue water (as you'll see in the video above), birds fill the sky and there are more iguanas on Little Cayman than there are people.

You’ll see what it’s like to swim in a fish school, find out why diving at Little Cayman is like diving the Grand Canyon, and then take a dive to the bottom of the ocean in the Status Submarine.



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