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About Status Productions

Status Productions is the brainchild of Jonathan Schellenger, a cinematographer, SCUBA diver and pilot. His wife, Margaret, came up with the Captain Jon character to help teach children why they need to take care of the world around them. Jon has more than 10,000 hours behind the controls of various aircraft. He also works on flight training videos to help familiarize pilots with new jets. Jon has won many awards for his filmmaking skills, including several Addy Awards for commercial work.

George C. Schellenger is a 2-time Emmy award winning producer, with a passion for the ocean, sharks and space. He works full-time on producing each adventure. He’s worked for MSNBC, AOL and most recently the X PRIZE Foundation which awards prizes for scientific and social breakthroughs. You can also find George as host of The Space Task Force at and president of an organization working to protect the ocean,

Norman Schellenger, Jr. is a marketing and sales expert, who helps coordinate each adventure.

Status Adventures was formed as a division of Status Productions to explore, create and connect. Our mission is to explore, create compelling content to teach, and connect like-minded people who care about the world they live in.

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